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110 E. Houston Street

7th Floor, Box 176

San Antonio, Texas 78205

(210) 701-7316


Wife * Mother * Veteran * Humanitarian

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Josey is wife to Ramon, an Army Purple Heart recipient, together that have a blended family of 8 children, to include adult sons on the Autism Spectrum. Josey is a life-long advocate for families of children with disabilities. Many in our community suffer from various mental health and physical disorders made worse by the stressors of trying to survive and meet family needs.


Enduring her own difficulties as a single mother , working multiple jobs to make ends meet, Josey mentors other mothers who face similar hardships. She understands the need for modernized legislation that supports families first.



Josey is a retired U.S. Air Force Combat Veteran who served in Operation Iraqi Freedom. Her husband, Ramon, is a U.S. Army  Purple Heart Combat Veteran who served in both Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom. Having been stationed at Lackland Air Force base from 2001 until retirement in 2014, Josey has a unique understanding of the District 124's rich military history and veteran specific issues, as well as issues such as mental health that affect our entire community. 

If elected, she will be the only WOMAN VETERAN in the Texas State House. 



CoFounder and CFO of Uniting America Outreach (501c3 nonprofit), Josey's leadership skills and military training help lead a team of youth volunteers to provide support and resources to our communities in need. They were "boots- on the ground" during SNOVID 2021, delivering food and water to thousands of vulnerable residents.


Since the arrival of over 15,000 migrants to the U.S./Mexico border in September 2021, Josey and the UAO team continue to conduct regular International Humanitarian Missons to Ciudad Acuna, Mexico lending aid to thousands of Haitian, African, and Latin American peoples who walked for 6 months through the jungles to reach the "freedom land", the United States of America.

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Foster Care

Having experienced the hopelessness of the foster care system as a young child, Josey is dedicated to policies that protect children in the system and those who age-out. Serious reform is needed to provide placement, support, and hope for the future. Josey currently mentors and advocates for at-risk youth. 

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Photos in military uniform represents service only, it is not an endorsement from the Armed Services.
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